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Wedding Colour Trends for 2018

From a soft touch to bold moves: Wedding colour trends for 2018


Planning the look of the big day is a tricky balance between being fashion-forward and creating a timeless style that won’t date – especially when revisiting the photos in years to come.

For decor, the trend for greenery will flow on in 2018, with lush foliage replacing traditional floral arrangements, bringing a natural rustic edge to celebrations.

Elsewhere, expect bursts of strong colours to come through, with bright reds and sailor blues set to be a firm presence on the styling front.

And floral inspirations of violet, lavender and dahlia will also be adding to the mix creating more dynamic elements across colour themes.

For bridal parties, the outlook for next year is a continuation of the classic soft pinks and dusky blues, says Alarna Hope, a personal stylist and wedding consultant.

She says it’s all part of a growing “gelato store” palette that also includes hues such as pistachio, which is very skin-tone friendly, and gentle yellows.

“Yellow is not a colour that many people would gravitate to towards naturally,” she says. “But soft yellows mixed with really nice soft metals like gold or silver to pick it up a little bit have been emerging.”

Hope says, inspired by tools such as Pinterest, people are making brave, unique choices about the look of their special day. She says we will continue to see bridesmaids no longer all wearing uniform dresses and mixing it up with individual styles. Men are also moving away from traditional dress to bring in different looks like sports jackets or chinos and shirts.

“People are getting really inventive,” she says. “They’re not doing the same thing. Ten years ago, you used to go to streets where there were all boutiques solely just for weddings. People are really branching out now and being more creative.”




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