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The Yearling

Where every young superstar begins their journey to racetrack success.


Showcased in front of The William Inglis Hotel, our iconic horse statue is a compelling depiction of a yearling and its leader. Reminding visitors of the importance of strong guidance and powerful connections. This iconic object not only represents the rich thoroughbred industry, but also serves as a powerful symbol of the values that shape our hotel.


Inglis holds a deep history, as Australia’s leading thoroughbred auctioneer for over 150 years. Throughout its extensive operation, Inglis continues to innovate and adapt to changing times and the evolving landscape of the industry. The yearling sale was the first of many horse sales held at the Riverside Stables complex and has become the cornerstone of Inglis and its business. The life size statue is a testament to the important bond between leader and yearling throughout the thoroughbred’s life that is created through a combination of horsemanship, passion, dedication and trust. The statue acknowledges and highlights an equine culture while paying homage to all of the loyal devotees of our great industry. Unveiled by John Tapp for the official opening of Riverside Stables, the statue stands as a beacon of hope, inspiring values of wisdom, mentorship, and growth.


Next time you find yourself in front of The William Inglis Hotel, take a moment to reflect on the iconic symbol. Taking pride in leading excellence and the powerful values it represents.

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