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How to host the best birthday!


Whether it is small and intimate or big and extravagant, these are the tips you will need to best host your next birthday party. First, you need to decide upon a location, date and time. Create your guest list, send out invitations and stick to a budget! Do not overcomplicate the event; at the end of the day, you don’t need to stress yourself out! It is after all your party!


If you want to spice things up, perhaps picking a theme will give you that extra flare and incorporate your guests into the pre-party planning and for those photos worthy shots on the day of the birthday! Do something out of the ordinary; put your own twist and personalisation on the birthday party YOU want.


In preparation for hosting the birthday function, you will need to decide on supplies, entertainment, food, and drinks, after all no matter what who the birthday is for everyone likes food!


If you would like to add that extra touch, gift bags are always a cute and unique way to say thank you for celebrating this special event with me.


On the day of the birthday, make sure you go around and talk to all your guests; they came to share your special day with you!


And at the end of the day, enjoy the party!

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  • how-to-host-the-best-birthday
  • how-to-host-the-best-birthday
  • how-to-host-the-best-birthday
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