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Why Coffee is a boost for performance in meetings

For many of us, coffee is one of the staples of our daily routine. As well as a burst of alertness and getting the brain firing in the morning, the whole habitual side of things – the trip to a favourite barista, the mid-morning screen break, the social catch-up – are what helps to regulate our working day.


Coffee has many positive functions – but now the science is in. It affects not just an individual’s performance but can boost group activities, too. In other words, meetings are more productive if there’s coffee in the mix.


A new study has found that serving coffee at a meeting can increase productivity and results. Research by the Graduate Management School at the University of California tested how coffee affects group performance. Using two groups of students who were given coffee either before or after a meeting, those given it before rated their group performance more positively.


It also found that the students who had coffee rated their personal and group participation better and displayed a higher level of alertness and willingness to work with the group. The study also showed that the group with coffee generated more focused statements on the meeting topic.


So the upshot is it creates more productive discussions and better engagement. What better excuse for a coffee run before getting together to score some goals?




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