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Why taking over the whole venue is a winning game for conferences

Holding everything and everyone under one, exclusive roof can create a power-packed, intensive approach to a successful, immersive conference.

It combines convenience, optimum networking, security and a seamless operation all in one exclusive-use location. Taking over an entire venue for conference and accommodation needs makes perfect sense.

Discerning and well-travelled delegates are in need more than ever of memorable business events, and linking them with a complete takeover of a destination venue guarantees a noteworthy experience that conference organisers can notch up as a win.

As a starting point, offering a one-stop-shop for the event is not only an asset in convenience and travel requirements, it can also mean more bang-for-your-buck in terms of discounted rates or packages, for both guests and organisers.

A stay-in option maximises networking opportunities over the event, without wasting time travelling between venues (and provides a very short walk home after late-night events). It also offers those priceless, ad-hoc encounters that can spring up over unlikely spots like the breakfast table or at the gym.

It’s also a benefit for high-level corporate announcements or initiatives that need ramped-up security or privacy measures ­– a dedicated venue is the best option for managing attendees and the message.

And let’s not forget the aesthetics: it’s a great opportunity for marketing, with promotional material and artworks freely available to be unleashed across the entire site ­– helping to strengthen the sense of team-building and drive home the conference message. That’s not forgetting any distinctive design or technology embellishments that can help paint an unforgettable picture.

Sole-use conference venues effortlessly create a prestigious, exclusive club – and, most importantly, a highly memorable one.



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