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A Trip Well Worth It: The Benefits of Staying Overnight at a Conference

A night away from home can benefit a conference trip in a number of ways. Yes, it can increase the expense in both time and money for attending an event, but the trade-off could actually influence a much more productive outcome.

Firstly, rather than what might a long day trip or return flight can instead become a much more restful experience with easy accommodation for the night, plus the likely access to a hotel’s gym and pool facilities.

Avoiding squeezing travel commitments into one day means more time for meetings and networking and the opportunity to set up new or stronger working relationships and bonds with contacts and leads.

It might also throw up the chance to visit an area on a travel hit-list, or just have a refreshing change of scenery for a day. It could be a very inspirational setting which could prove to be hugely reinvigorating and uplifting.

The upshot though is that it’s a more rounded experience which allows attendees to really make the most of their time at the event and fulfil the purpose of what they’re there for.


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