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What’s the future? The best technology emerging for conferences

One of the biggest challenges ahead is getting attendees to embrace apps and get onboard with how they can enhance and maximise their connection with a conference.

Custom apps are not just useful for functions such as registration or notifications, but can take attendees through the whole conference experience by engaging before, during and after events. It means that sharing and gaining information and content isn’t limited to the event itself.

Event apps also help with an attendee’s own time-management, through providing schedule and session information. It can also be a gateway to deeper interaction through real-time discussions, polls and forums during events.

Live streaming presentations and events is an easy and convenient way to expand audiences, while remote speakers are also increasingly a way to overcome travel and logistical issues and keep contributing to the high-quality content.

Virtual reality is a trend that keeps coming up and although accessibility to the technology might still be a burgeoning area, in the future its uses are numerous, from allowing attendees to experience previous events through to sales presentations and hosting interactive 360-degree meetings.

While technology doesn’t replace basic one-to-one interaction and engagement, it will help attendees gain a richer, more immersive experience that will linger long after the conference has ended.



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  • whats-the-future-the-best-technology-emerging-for-conferences
  • whats-the-future-the-best-technology-emerging-for-conferences
  • whats-the-future-the-best-technology-emerging-for-conferences
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