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Event Planning: Getting It Right

Event Planning: Getting It Right


Bringing together a successful, memorable and commercially powerful event is a potentially daunting task at the beginning. There are many factors involved that need careful nurturing and navigation. But breaking down all the tasks into manageable categories ensures the smooth-running of planning and execution – and will produce an event that sparkles.


  1. Create

Establish from the start a clear, concrete outline of the purpose of the event. Who is it aimed at and what is it designed to achieve? Pinpointing the desired audience and end result from the very beginning will steer any decision-making along the way.


  1. Choose
    From this point, it’s all about nutting out the logistics. Establish a budget and what type of space is needed. Pick a venue and date, bearing in mind whether the venue logistics and transport options meet requirements and it doesn’t clash with other events. Then it’s into the fine-tuning of how the event will look. Which speakers need to be booked? What are the catering and technical requirements? What marketing, PR and sponsorship plans are needed?


  1. Check
    Once the event program is in place, it’s important to head off any problems which may throw up nasty surprises. Are all licence and insurance needs met? Are there contingency plans for unexpected problems like weather issues? Make sure all staff have a clear outline of events and are fully briefed in how to deal with any potential issues.


  1. Complete

Now that the event has gone off without a hitch, it’s essential to do a clear assessment of its successes. Do a debrief with the event team. Give feedback to the venue. Most importantly, it’s vital to hear what the attendees thought. Make it easy for them to give feedback online or in person – these hard-won positive comments are the best advert of all for future events.


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