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Why choosing the right colour scheme can affect the success of your event

Psychology and emotional connection to colours could influence your attendees in ways they may not even be aware of.


The design flairs of an event are more than just a creative visual embellishment. The colour theme of a conference or wedding or any kind of gathering can really set the mood and tone for guests – and can be a tool in creating a motivating, invigorating and successful event.


Colour institute Pantone is hugely influential in its annual prediction of the colour of the year. In 2018, it said the bold ultra violet would influence beauty, fashion and design trends. For 2019, it has chosen coral, which it says is a “life-affirming” colour linked to tactility and human connection. So a coral backdrop to an event could influence a subliminal sense of closeness and unity among attendees.


Pantone’s annual announcement is always eagerly anticipated, but there are from the standard colour palette various stimuli that emerge from specific hues. Colour is greatly linked to emotions so could be another weapon in the armoury of building a successful conference.


For example, according to Pantone, you’ll find most of the lighting and colour schemes in Las Vegas to be red, because it’s a colour that is energising and stimulates the senses and raises blood pressure. Blue tones are said to have a calming affect and also inspires loyalty, too. Orange and yellows a stimulate expression and a sense of optimism, while greens influence a sense of nurturing and growth. Black is a colour that evokes a sense of sophistication and is good for evening events.


Work with your venue and event planner to assess colour schemes – it’s a very important way to influence emotions and a successful outcome.



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