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The Insta-ready, healthy dishes that are trending for Summer

As temperatures warm up, there are colourful culinary forces ahead that will be defining our summer palates. And there’s two main trends on the menu: the dishes that are the most Insta-worthy and those that offer the best health hacks – and most, happily, cover both bases.

They’ve been rising in popularity and now they’re not just a novelty, they’re a standard favourite. Poke bowls have travelled from their native Hawaii to spread across the US and beyond and now have a few dedicated joints in Australia specialising in the fish salad (prounounced “poh-kay”). It’s a customisable combination of cubed raw fish, rice, sesame oil, soy sauce and veggies. It’s a light, healthy, gluten-free combo that also is also easily fixed up with lots of other good stuff, like the probiotic goodness of kimchi.

Another trend that’s making its presence known locally is plant-based foods, with meat-free dishes appearing across burger joints, restaurants and pub grub across the country. In Sydney, US chef Matthew Kenney opened Alibi earlier this year, and that’s been pulling in crowds with dishes such as kimchi dumplings, porcini cauliflower and coconut cream pie. Elsewhere, vegan burger joints such as Soul Burger in Newtown continue to thrive as part of this continuing focus on meat-free alternatives.

Elements brimming with health benefits will continue to be a focus. Matcha isn’t going anywhere and is moving further into dessert menus beyond drinks. Food consultant Nancy Kelly Weimer told CNBC that gut-health boosting, probiotic-rich products will remain strong. Another aid to digestion, activated charcoal, can be a dramatic addition to bread and pastas that can also, in moderation, have great health benefits.

So overall, there’s a lot going on that’s good for your insides and your Insta.


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