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The Future of Corporate Team Building

Corporate team building trends will see an all-time high next year as many companies will want to implement training and team building to build their teams back when they re-open/ramp up. Pinnacle team events is a great example of paving the way for corporate team building events post the Coronavirus virus pandemic and being COVID safe as the new norm for team building activities. Pinnacle has implemented team building activities- outdoor, indoor, night events, break activities, exercise sessions and virtual team building events.

The trends for corporate team building trends will include virtual events, with more businesses operating online, these virtual team building events are designed to keep your body and mind active and entertained, while also connecting team members in a way they weren’t able to before such as zoom sessions. Activities including the go game, drawing workshop, yoga and meditation, solve the crime online and isolation bingo.

Indoor and Outdoor events from the amazing race, survivor and carnival challenges to archery, scramble and laser clay shooting are some team setting trends post COVID that Pinnacle are implementing to get teams back on track.

Many teams that have been working in isolation are now taking this opportunity to come together to reconnect, motivate and inspire their team. Pinnacle have taken into consideration team events COVIDsafe protocols and COVIDsafe event range. This range of events was developed in line with the guidelines provided by Safe Work Australia and the NSW Governments COVID-19 Safety Plan for businesses. The COVIDsafe Event Range can be delivered to clients whose participant numbers and venue adhere to the current restrictions in place as stipulated by the NSW Government. Protocols include commencing all events with COVIDsafe briefing delivered by Pinnacle team, hand sanitation station , thorough cleaning of equipment, disposable masks and gloves available for all participants, physical distancing adhered to, contact details for all participants and restricting access to any staff and participants who are feeling unwell or with flu like signs or symptoms.

COVIDsafe events are a great opportunity to reconnect, motivate and inspire teams to ACHIEVE as your organisation navigates the new normal and to achieve goals, improve teamwork and communication.



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