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How to beat those wedding day jitters

Take a leaf out of Meghan’s book: How to beat those wedding day jitters

Spare a thought for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. When they swapped vows at Windsor Castle in May, not only would there have been the standard nerves about getting hitched in front of a big crowd of family and friends – there were also another 2 billion spectators watching on TVs across the world. Under such a spotlight and scrutiny, some serious tactics would have been brought into play to avoid getting overwhelmed by it all.

To dodge the jitters on the day, Markle choose to keep things chilled and simple before heading down the aisle by hunkering down in privacy with a quiet stay with her mother at a nearby luxury hotel.

Tabloid reports also suggested that Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall had been a confidant and source of calming advice in the run-up. It was also touted that Markle had been a fan of a herbal stress-relief supplement. Whether these nuggets of gossip fodder are actually based on fact or not, it is true to say that leaning on friends and family for support and focussing on wellbeing is key to negotiating wedding stress and keeping a clear mind.

Not everyone, of course, has all the trappings and support that come with marrying into the royal family, but here are five key steps that can help minimise anxiety and maximise enjoyment of the big day.


1.Make a wedding checklist as far in advance as you can. That way, although aspects from the guest list to weather conditions might change as things progress, you’ll be across everything you can control – and be prepared for contingency plans where variables could spring up.

2.Be sure to take time out for you. It’s easy to get into a tailspin with the amount of things to manage, so it’s a good idea to make sure relaxation and stress-relieving activities are in your schedule to help with mindfulness. Yoga, meditation, coastal walks or booking massages can all help with calming the mind.

3.Reach out to friends and family for support. Delegate and offload responsibilities where you can. Those around you will be only too happy to help, and sharing the burden on tasks is a sensible idea – not everything needs to be micromanaged.

4.That also goes for talking it out. Confide in your close ones when you’re doing it tough or feeling like it’s all getting too much. Talking about issues is often enough to fix them, so lean on people when you need to.

5.Don’t lose focus. Remember what it’s all about and the reason why you’re there – to get married and have a wonderful, memorable day alongside all the people in the world you care about.


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