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Home is where the heart is: Why a Staycay is a great idea for time off

They say change is as good as a holiday, but even a change of routine on home turf can do wonders for rest and a reviving reboot.

The benefits of a staycay in place of a vaycay start first and foremost with the huge pro of there being no significant travel involved. No jet lag, no wearying car journeys and no costly flights or petrol charges all add up to an excellent start to precious time off. But aside from that, why not take the time to check out all the good stuff on your doorstep?

Take Sydney, for example. It hosts more than 13 million overnight visitors annually, with almost 4 million of those coming from overseas. People travel here for a reason and, yes, for locals the Opera House or Bondi Beach might not be the thrilling iconic sights that they would be for fresh eyes, but it doesn’t mean you can’t scratch the surface and get new perspectives on city highlights. It could mean doing a behind-the-scenes tour of the Opera House, or checking out new eateries in Bondi – it doesn’t have to be the hackneyed standard tourist stuff.

It’s all in the planning. Take time to pull together a list of things that would be a novelty in your world. Perhaps, it could be taking the exit for a scenic route you’ve driven past 100 times and always thought you’d like to try. Or what about venturing into an unfamiliar suburb and checking out a new restaurant or bar. Visit a park you’ve never been to before, or head to a show, play or concert that may not be something you’d normally do on a weeknight. It’s also worth looking at local council, city or state websites to see if there are any special events on the horizon which might be something out of the ordinary to do, like a food and wine festival or outdoor music event.

Playing close to home has many plus points, and can help combat the post-holiday blues by throwing up a fresh perspective on your everyday world. It’s about doing the unfamiliar among the familiar, so take advantage of what’s at your fingertips.


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