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Food Trends for Autumn

On a Health Kick: Food Trends for Autumn

The outlook for this year, thankfully, is heading back to basics. After 2017’s questionable trends, which included rainbow colouring appearing just about everywhere, tastes are now heading back to simpler ideas.

Online retailer teamed up with Pinterest to analyse the most popular pinned foods and came up with a list of what’s going to be on our plates in the months ahead – and it’s a health-driven combination.

Sugar snap peas are very much on the menu and are great for salads and stir-fries and come packed with vitamin C. Moroccan food – which saw a whopping 2579 per cent increase in pinned interest – is great for health benefits thanks to the range of spices it uses, such as cumin and saffron, and its slow cooking techniques which help to protect nutrients.

Also pinpointed is a rise in healthier coffee options with alternatives to milk and sugar. Even better, there’s good news for guilty pleasures with the appearance of healthy cocktails, where swapping sugar for natural alternatives or adding hydrating coconut water could help lessen the damage of a tipple or two.

Air fryers are now much more than a guilt-free way to do hot chips. You can do all sorts of foods with these amazing culinary gadgets including sausages, chicken and even, believe it or not, cakes.

Soup is also having a resurgence in popularity, with a 306 per cent boost in saves, which is great because it’s a healthy and convenient dish that’s easy to make and keep.

Ghee, a clarified butter commonly used in Indian cooking, is rising in fashion as an alternative to regular butter, and brings with it vitamins A, D and E and benefits for digestion and fat-burning.

Sydney chef Clint Jaeger recently told Forbes that regionality and sustainability will remain strong trends and pinpoints the use of flowers and gold providing the final touches to dishes.

So the outlook for autumn is going to be healthy and ethically sound – and it’s going to look great.


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