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Christening Trends for 2021

Like all functions throughout 2020, many have been postponed due to the Coronavirus pandemic, but this has not stopped the planning for future events. Christenings are one of the most significant life events for parents as it’s where they celebrate and welcome their child into the world. Christenings have become all the rage for planning especially for 2019 and the start of 2020 providing an intimate way to invite all those nearest and to dearest to you to celebrate your child’s baptism.

With parents choosing now to go all out with trends such as personalised keepsake boxes, theming, decadent desert stations focusing on specific colours, backdrops and eye catching flowers, as well as balloons.

Embracing the natural elements will become a christening planning standard in 2021, bringing elements of the outdoors to the indoors becoming a hot commodity. An example of this being a trend is the use of Pampas grass/dried flower trend, unique flower arrangements that blend both fresh and dried flowers.

The donut wall has also become a popular choice for parents as cakes can be difficult to cut into perfect portions for everyone and share, this provides a perfect alternative. It’s definitely a trend that has been and will be blowing up on Instagram in 2021.

Matching with mum has become a fashionable and a bold statement at christening to show off fashion lines that have been styled in infant and adults clothing.  The trend has become known as mini-me. It has become a way to bond with your children by wearing matching clothes and will be seen in many christening throughout 2021.

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