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A look for life: What your ring designs say about your personality

The big vibe for weddings in 2019 is that it’s all about personalisation and customisation, and expressing who you really are. It’s a chance to embrace your creativity and flair, not only making it memorable and unique on the day but also as a permanent reminder of your style (and not least a bit of Insta-sparkle, too).


But there’s also room for the traditional, too – the rings will be with you 24/7 for the rest of your life, and so it’s important to choose something that will be timelessly elegant. For engagement rings, the classic round solitaire diamond, known as a brilliant cut, says romance and something that will never go out of style. The princess-cut diamond is a square version of this popular style and represents more of a modern, bolder break from tradition.


The intricate emerald-cut diamond can go a step beyond for a glamorous and sophisticated art-deco twist on the classic style. Multiple diamonds go further into a more unique and expressive ring, whether it’s a vintage find, a family heirloom or a bespoke item you’ve created yourself. Coloured diamonds also reflect a quirky, daring personality as well as a sense of fun.


Designing your own wedding rings is also the strongest statement about your commitment to each other. Gold is not the only choice for your metal, white or rose gold are popular twists, for example. And then there’s options for embellishments such as adding small stones or inscriptions – which can be done for the wedding and beyond to mark anniversaries or other special occasions.


Updating the design of your rings as time goes on – or even adding new ones in the shape of eternity rings which complement your existing styles – is the perfect way to reflect that your story as a couple is still unfolding.



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