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Christmas Party Trends 2020


“Maybe Christmas he thought, doesn’t come from a store. Maybe perhaps Christmas means a little bit more”.


Christmas is that time of the year that is magical, it is time to put the Christmas tree up, eat the candy canes, to spend time with loved ones and to say thanks for those around you!


While people have become more festive and decorative over the years, when it comes to planning and decorating that Christmas party, here are some recent trends you’ll expect to see in 2020.


The first style trend features pastel shades. As a result, the decoration follows a neutral, subtle colour palette.


Style trend number two focuses on nature. Inherent natural beauty inspires the decorations and is reflected in the surfaces, which embrace tree-inspired structures and stone effects. They are meant to radiate nature’s simplicity.


Tradition is an important concept in this setting and is embodied in classic colours like red and green, which invoke the Christmas spirit, even though everything has a very modern and young vibe.


The fourth style trend highlights “party time, glitz and glamor”. Decorations are not excessive and flashy, yet there are many striking surfaces, featuring vibrant metallic colours for example. It is an exciting effect that makes this style trend stand out.


Sustainability is also a trend that has become involved with all things Christmas, with the mantra ‘less is more’ taking a hold of Christmas decorating with simple and elegant designs! This year is all about creating a natural look, earthly tones, blush and browns dominating the colour palette. Compensating, in a way, the minimalist silhouettes of the decoration the colours are bold and capturing – the use of deep burgundy, as well as dark blue, grey, brown and the classic forest green seems to be popular. Even the metallic trend is becoming warmer and less shiny for Christmas 2019-2020 trends.


Another trend for Christmas that will be once again be brought to life is the Do It Yourself task! DIY art involves mainly natural and organic materials: pinecones and fresh green branches, twigs of eucalyptus, evergreen, spruce, moss and is a great opportunity to become involved in the Christmas festivities of 2020!


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